Dementia Caregiver Series

In 2015 a four-part educational series for family caregivers of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias and people interested in learning more about dementia was presented in three different locations in Moore County by Chris Engelfried, MSW, ACSW (author/illustrator and former caregiver) and Peggie Kennedy BA Psych (Former Caregiver Advisor for Moore County Dept. of Aging). The series was called “Journeying through Dementia Care.” Topics included: normal aging, common dementias, the basics of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia caregiving (struggles, feelings, grief, detachment, accetance) the importance of brain health, and stress-relieving techniques. All 3 sessions were well attended.

Comments From Caregivers In Attendance

“Excellent presentation by two very knowledgeable and caring presenters.”

“Extremely worthwhile!”

“It is important to learn as much as I can about dementia. Every session offered more in depth knowledge to help me move on with looking after my husband. Thank you!”

“A very helpful program. I’m glad I took the time to learn.”

“Thank you for your input and the amount of work you put into it.”

“This series has been helpful to me to understand more about dementia and more about the caregiver.”

“Thank you, Chris and Peggie for your very able leadership!”

“This was a great series!!! Very informative. I would definitely recommend you offer in in the future and in other townships.”

“These four sessions have greatly increased my understanding of what’s going on at this point in time…and how to deal with the situation as my husband’s disease progresses. Thank you for so much information.”

“The series was very helpful.”

“Thank you for offering this excellent series.”

“This class has given me a better understanding of the caregiver role and so many helpful resources. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise!!”

“Thanks so much for the information. Enjoyed the classes so much!”

“I hope there are more of these classes in the future.”

“Very helpful classes. Thank you for your time and effort.”

“I have no one in my family with dementia, so far. I am attending the classes to be a support to my neighbor.”

“Excellent series. Thank you so much.”

“Chris and Peggie did a wonderful job of teaching the class. Hearing from their personal experience helps to know where the advice comes from and it works. Understanding my guilt and anger with my 90 year old parents when they don’t follow their health instructions; and the realization that my frustration is normal. Thanks to them for having the class for us stressed out care givers.