Dementia Series

In November 2017, a four week dementia Series was presented at Givens Memorial Library in Pinehurst, North Carolina for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Reviews From Attendees

“Very helpful…Good class, much helpful information given in lectures and handouts. People sharing experiences of their caregiving along with professional caregivers. Thank you it was very beneficial!”

“Very helpful…Perfect in every way. Learned lots.”

“Very helpful…Very informative and helpful. Would look forward to future series.”

“Very helpful…Most helpful to me were sessions 1 & 2…Learned a lot. Would appreciate knowing more about behavior and communication. 4 was good but I was more familiar with that topic.”

“Helpful…”Especially your guest. His first-hand knowledge was excellent. Lectures are fine, but the real world experience really hit home. This lecture series helped me understand just how difficult and tragic this is in the hidden world of dementia.”