Elephants Never Forget - Daisy's Story

Daisy The Elephant and the herd

"Elephants Never Forget - Daisy's Story" is a story about an African elephant, named Daisy. Daisy was the strong, ever so sweet and beloved leader of her clan. She had enormous heart-shaped ears and a long trunk. In her early seventies Daisy became forgetful, confused, and easily upset. One day, Daisy got lost looking for her favorite watering hole. This frightening event prompted her family to finally search for answers to Daisy’s problems. Their search led to hope and a journey her family could never have expected.

This book was written to educate and celebrate the often forgotten victims of Alzheimer’s disease, our children.

Excerpt from Elephants Never Forget

Daisy The Elephant

..... Lily explained the family was worried that Daisy was getting forgetful. Lily described how Daisy got lost looking for her favorite watering hole, that she bumped into trees, didn’t recognize a good friend, didn’t show up for an important event, and easily became frustrated, confused and irritated. It was then that Lily painfully exclaimed, “Grandma is no longer the confident leader or friend she used to be. Sometimes she avoids the other elephants. She puts logs in the wrong place or can’t find logs when needed. Grandma Daisy has changed!” Meanwhile, Dr. Hope examined Daisy, asked her questions, and conducted some tests.

The following day, Dr. Hope met with Daisy, Faith, and Lily. Based on all the information gathered, “I think we are dealing with an illness that sometimes effects elephants when they get older. It is not part of normal elephant aging. Nobody knows for sure why this occurs or which elephants it will effect. It causes memory loss, confusion, and frustration. All the signs you have been seeing and Daisy has been experiencing is called Alzheimer’s disease. While there is no cure, researchers are working hard to find special plants that might help or maybe someday find a cure. Right now, Daisy needs your help and support.” .....

Reviews of Elephants Never Forget

Daisy The Elephant sitting by a tree

"With the illustrations enhancing the story, I believe your book is well suited for children... as well as for many of us who have a tough time understanding what it means to have Alzheimer's Disease. Your message is timeless and very easy to understand. For this reason, I think your story will have mass appeal."

- Theresa Fischette, White Light Communications

“Chris, I absolutely loved it…I cried. This book is not just for children but something every adult should read. The way you presented all the different phases Daisy went through, and the feelings of her children and grandchildren, was something to which anyone experiencing a loved one with Alzheimer’s could relate. And most importantly, it was done in such a comforting and connecting way for children.”

- Kathryn Joseph, Middle School ELA Educator

"Alzheimer's is a frightening disease. It has an impact on everyone in the family. The children and grandchildren of the loved one struggling with memory loss are confused by the dramatic changes they notice in their loved one's behavior. Often, however, our children are sheltered from the facts and are excluded from the discussions concerning Alzheimer's and the debilitating changes. 'Elephants Never Forget, Daisy's Story' is not just a children's book, it is a family story for all ages. It is written to include our children in the discussion of Alzheimer's disease. Everyone knows a Daisy who has changed mentally and physically due to this illness. 'Elephants Never Forget, Daisy's Story' is the story of a family's journey to understand Daisy and her Alzheimer's disease. It is Daisy's granddaugher who opens the door to honest discussion.

The reader, along with Daisy's family, discovers that shared understanding of Alzheimer's disease alleviates fear and that supportive love provides immeasurable comfort. 'Elephants Never Forget, Daisy's Story' is an inspirational story of a family's love and support for their loved one. Read it with your family to initiate the discussion of Alzheimer's disease. You will find understanding and comfort in this family's journey."

- Beverlee Beale, Executive Director for Curriculum, Moore County Schools, North Carolina (retired)