Blue Butterfly Book Series Reviews

Chris recently held a book reading with 2 very bright child critics, a 7 year old girl and 8 year old girl, to provide feedback on her Blue Butterfly Book Series. They read the books together and the children gave their opinions about the covers, illustrations, stories and series in general. The girls understood the message in the books was about "empathy for others", friendship, and that it is important to be kind and caring to everyone even if they are different or upset.

Reviews of Blue Butterfly Series

"The books were awesome because Blue Butterfly was on a mission to find joy but stopped to help others." "Like the golden rule you should treat people how you want them to treat you"... "You should have empathy for others."

Shelby, 2nd grade

"I liked the books because they talk about friendship"... "Even when someone is being mean to you... you can still help them"..."In return you may get love and friendship even if you are different."

Kat, 3rd grade