Lucky, The Little Monkey

Lucky The Monkey with Daisy The Elephant

"Lucky, the Little Monkey" is a story about Faith, Hope, Friendship, and the Power of Community." A sequel to "Elephants Never Forget…Daisy’s Story", it is written for teenagers and adults.

After learning about the death of his beloved friend, Daisy, from Alzheimer’s disease, Lucky transforms his grief into action and advocacy. Lucky, the little monkey, along with Faith, Daisy’s daughter, and Dr. Hope, Daisy’s doctor, go on a mission to educate and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease within the community of Peaceful Valley to make it a better place for all of its inhabitants.

Through this book, it is my hope to educate, to raise awareness, and to stimulate thought-provoking conversations and ideas about a community approach to fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Excerpts from Lucky, The Little Monkey

Lucky The Monkey in a tree

....."Faith, I will go see Dr. Hope and learn all about Alzheimer’s disease. I will learn what all the animals can do to fight this horrible disease. I will share Daisy’s story. I will tell how this disease effected such a great elephant with enormous heart shaped ears and a long trunk and who was ever so sweet. Finally… I will share how it affected you, how it affected the rest of Daisy’s family and friends, and how it affected me.".....

..... Lucky and Faith stayed at the clinic until Dr. Hope shared everything he knew about Alzheimer’s. In turn, Faith and Lucky shared what they and other family members and friends went through. Faith recalled some of Daisy’s thoughts, feelings, and fears before and after hearing about the disease. Faith remembered how scared and anxious Daisy was of what her future might be like and what impact it would have on family, friends, and all the elephants. After all, Daisy had been their kind and beloved leader for many many years......

....."We learned we had to live in Mom’s world! We came to accept that Mom was doing the very best she could do living with a disease that was progressively taking more and more of her away from us. We learned to periodically re-evaluate the things Mom could still do, focusing on those strengths, and helping her do things she could no longer do. We praised Mom a lot and tried to make her feel good for the things she could do without reminding her of the things she could no longer do.".....